Friday, January 10, 2014

Bath & Body Works Candle Make up Holders DIY

After spending a lot more money than I should have on Bath & Body Works candles for the winter, I started staring at the empty holders sitting next to the trash. Thinking of how upset I would be at just throwing away so much money, I thought.. if I clean these out..I could use them for almost anything!
I needed something to hold my huge collection of makeup, so I figured that was the best route to go!

First I ran steaming hot water into each of the candles. Let it sit for a while, and then kept continuing to run hot water into the containers. If you were lucky like I was, the whole bottom, wax and wicks, will come out in one piece. The wicks on these candles are glued to the bottom, so once the glue is heated is will also wipe out. I washed the candle jars with dish soap to finish getting all the wax out of it.

 After the jars are clean, I decided to put in these black stones that I picked up at the dollar store. If you are storing make up brushes, I do not recommend these stones, they are too bulky for the brushes. I would say the small beads or small pearls would work great.

Ta-Da! The final product for my makeup! I love the 3 wick candles for the lipstick and the mason jar candles for brushes or pens. Tie some ribbon around the jars or paint them for a more colorful result!

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