Friday, July 5, 2013

Natural Hair Care Challenge!

I love hair. There is no two people on this planet who have the exact head of hair, making each human being incredibly special in their make up. I believe hair is one of the many great examples of self expression.

Lately, I've been noticing how dead my hair was becoming. Now, I am a huge fan of beautiful colors, and very many different colors in my hair. As of recently, I had bleached a very large portion of my underneath hair so I could put a lilac dye in. After about 4 hours of playing with my hair, the finished product was absolutely disappointing. I had an ugly blonde with a green tint and no purple in my hair. So I decided to leave it for about a week or two to let my hair recover from the bleaching. Then my mom helped me go over the blonde again, but this time with a box dye. This dye created the same odd greenish blonde color that I had before. I also use heat a very large amount on my hair. Granted, I do use a heat protectant (AS SHOULD EVERYONE), but because of the heat, the ends of my hair are destroyed, brittle, and just a mess.

A while back, my boyfriend had told me about how it was actually healthy for you NOT to shampoo your hair. I of course exclaimed about how dirty and gross I thought that was and I just was not buying that it could be beneficial to your hair to not wash it!

As I started this blog, I was day dreaming about what topics I could write about and one just popped into my head! I decided to give myself a challenge of going all natural for a good while. I thought to myself a month and then maybe that was too long, but I am just going to take it day by day and update everyone on how well or not well it is going!

Before completely deciding to naturally fix my hair, I thought it smart to do some research on the subject before hand. As stated on Web MD, dermatologists agree that shampooing everyday is a little unnecessary. The website claims that longer, thicker, curlier hair can go longer in between washes. Now, I have said type of hair, but after two days my hair usually gets really greasy. The reason why is mostly because the hair is trying to make up for what it usually thinks is the shampoo. So I figure, after a week or so it will stop being greasy and begin to become soft? I guess I'll see! And I promise to update about the natural hair care experience as I do it!

Adieu! <3

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