Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cover Girl Clean Whipped Cream Foundation Review!

After a late night trip to Wal-Mart with my new roommate, we had to visit the make up section. Picking up multiple lipsticks and nail polishes, I had to settle on putting them back :(
Walking away, my head low, I spied the full clearance rack! There was sitting a big group of the Cover Girl Clean Whipped Cream foundation, which confused me since I knew they had released this line not too long ago. I opened one of the container and sampled it on my hand. The smell was wonderful and the texture was so smooth! Needless to say, I caved and purchased it.
Buff Beige (325). $6-7 (Clearance)
Texture: Creamy and smooth!
Scent: While in the container, it reminds me of baby wipes or baby powder. On my face, it smells like a cherry icing, or regular icing. Yummmm :)

The foundation has lasted all day on my face, especially when I have set it with a powder.
More of a light to medium coverage foundation. I do have a little acne right now, and even with concealer, it still doesn't hide everything.
A little goes a long way. I put a pea sized dot on each cheek, forehead, and chin and the makeup spreads wonderfully.
I have very dry skin, and this foundation does not sink into my pores and show my flaky skin.

I would highly recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a good sturdy foundation that won't wear off during the day, but not someone who needs a heavy coverage.
Overall though, I really love this product and I hope they keep on keeping on with their products :)

                                                                     <3 abbeygail

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