Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Favorites for 2013

Every one of us can agree that fall is one of the best seasons. Leaves changing colors, regular temperatures, cozy outfits, and of course Halloween! :) Fall is by far my favorite season just for the atmosphere of it all. Crisp and comforting. So here are my favorites of the beginning of fall so far! All of these products can be found at any Sephora and Ulta :)

I will first start off with the face! I have been loving the whole matte, pale, yet fresh looking face for the fall season. I purchased NYX HD Concealer in the lightest shade they have. This concealer is wonderful! As light as it is, it definitely does the trick and covers any redness or blemishes the skin has.
To add the "matte" look to the face and yet give it the definition it needs, Maybelline has a gorgeous line of blushes titled "Fit Me!" I choose the dullish pink for blush, and a more matte taupe color for a bronzer. The lighter bronzer will give off not a strong tan color like a summer look would call for.
Next onto the eyes! My hands down favorite colors to use in September have been from my Sephora palette called Primal Instincts. This palette has gorgeous light golden colors, pinks, and even some darker purples.
 I've also loved using my Naked Basics palette to add some highlighting to my brow and inner corners of the eye. This palette is also great for just a simple eye when you want to use a bold lip color, which we will move on to next...!
Bold, dark lips are in my opinion the BEST for the fall! :) My favorite color so far is the Kate line from Maybelline in 107. This color is a deep brick red and is perfect for this weather and of course will be wonderful for Christmas here in a couple months! The lipstick stays on really well and doesn't smudge off when you drink or eat! Highly recommend it :)
 Another current obsession is NYX butter gloss. These glosses are so yummy!! They taste and smell delicious, like donuts or a sweet pastry and they glide on without being sticky! They have a good assortment of colors, the two pictured are Peach Cobbler (top) and Creme Brulee (bottom). Both are great as just a regular coat of gloss or add a lipstick underneath to make it even better!
Another eye favorite is NYX roll on shimmer. I just found these at a trip to Ulta and decided to try them out. They are just wonderful!!! You can easily use them as just the eye shadow or to add on top to another color of a shadow for a more intense look! I will definitely do some tutorials on these two. The two pictured are Chestnut (left) and Salmon (right).

 Now on to nails! For fall I am obsessed with very dark shades of colors, but even more so with reddish browns and purples. I think they have such a romantic, dark look and are a great fit for the fall atmosphere!:) Pictured in the top, is Sephora's nail polish. This color is a deep purple, that is a little red tinted. The polish pictured below it is a dark red mixed with browns. This by far is my favorite polish so far this fall! Another color I loveeeee is navy blue. I believe navy blue is great during any season, but it sticks out in my mind a lot more in fall and winter. I picked up this Essie polish at Ulta and boy did it fit my craving for dark blues!

 I am so excited to be actually keeping up with this blog and soon to be uploading more YouTube Videos! If you haven't seen my very first video (excuse the awkwardness) the link is in the last post! :) I will be uploading a lot more things once I get the handle on how to actually make videos and not sound completely strange. But thank you to who ever is reading this! Beauty is a passion of mine that I have finally figured out how to express and it is one of the best feelings in the world! <3 abbeygail

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